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4 steps to successfully remodeling your home

Kitchen remodeling picture. Counter shown.

The thought of where to start in the process of remodeling your home can feel daunting. Where do you start? Here are a few key recommendations from Paramount Construction & Contracting’s years in business.

1. What’s the goal?

The remodeling process is as much emotional and as it is rational. A good place to begin is to note the reasons you have for remodeling. Get it out of your head. Do this on paper or whatever system works for you.

Wunderlist task pane expandedWunderlist is a beautiful little application that serves many purposes. In this case, set up a simple list called “Why Remodel.” Make each entry a reason for executing your project. Simple reasons such as “To make more room in the kitchen” are good, but not great when it’s the only thing on your list. Break your overall desire into smaller reasonslike: “More counter space”; “Safer area for the kids”, “Better traffic flow”, etc. If you need to expound on your entry, Wunderlist has a nice little Notes field that allows for greater depth on that entry. If you’re on the go alot, the iPhone or Android mobile apps are great.

The benefit to being specific about your goals is that it provides a framework for the project.You are able to meet with your construction expert and have clear objectives, which helps ensure that you get what you want. As your goals are met, check them off in Wunderlist.

2. What’s the budget?

What you want and what you get are directly related to this little (or big thing) called: budget. So, determine where you stand financially. It will serve as a good starting point for your first meeting with your construction expert.

Even if you feel your budget is modest, you may be surprised how a company like Paramount can help you stretch your dollars and provide some great ideas to beautify your home.

Scouring the web or visiting a local home improvement center can get your creative juices flowing. Your home is the single-most important investment you’ve made, so allow yourself the ability to envision what your project will look and feel like.Wunderlist also serves great for idea gathering. Plus it allows for attaching pictures to entries, so as an idea comes to your mind, jot it down and attach a picture to it.

Your wishes will fall into place as your communications with your construction expert reveal what is doable within your alloted budget.

3. Who will do the work?

The all important step of choosing a contractor…where to begin?

Talk to a trusted source that has been there. Friends and family are a great starting point. Many have felt the highs and lows of working with specific companies. They’ve experienced the flow of work and how their project was managed. And hopefully they walked away with a better understanding of how to perhaps make things better the next time around. That’s invaluable information that you can use to your benefit, and one that they’ll most likely be enthusiastic to share.

No one is perfect, but working with a construction company like Paramount can be a refreshing experience in a midst of horror stories. Find a contractor that treats your project as an investment in their reputation.

4. How will the parties communicate?

Nothing complicates the construction process more than a lack of communication. Both parties need to know where they stand and where things are going.

As the client, you can do your part by being clear and candid about what you want and things that you don’t care for. Better to be detailed then to leave things in a state that will come back to haunt the process. Ultimately, being on the same page as your contractor will result in a successful project. And that’s what everybody wants.

Remember: good things happen through collaboration. At Paramount, we keep our communications with you transparent and productive.

The take-away

Know what you want. Be specific. Set a realistic budget. Choose someone with a proven track record. Communicate often.

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